Friday, November 22, 2013

Tablet O Tablet

When I bought my first tablet, tablets had just been new as a segment. Not much to choose from and the costs were exorbitant for their features. We were conversant with either phones on which we could read too, or the eReaders. Tablets looked a leap of improvement over laptops and existing mobile phones.  

Possessing a tablet has been a thrilling experience. Being new to the word ‘tablet’ for a device, my wife handed over the regular medical tablet to me once, when I requested her to handover to me the tablet. Seven inch tablet looked just like a standard novel and it proved to be so similar that, once it was given to the raddiwalah alongwith other old newspapers, magazines and books. It was only to the credit of the raddiwalah that he noticed and returned it. 

Tablet gives immense freedom to book lovers. One can read it whatever posture one is comfortable in. This is also free form light constraints. It provides liberty to carry as many books as one needs to be handy with. Extendable memory through cards has been a boon, in addition. Customization of font size liberates it further. However,  it is a bit difficult to imagine tablet without tocuhscreen. Softwares in these tablets, straight away take you to the page which was being read last. These allow different formats to be displayed for reading. 

Best part of tablet is that it allows internet connectivity, though many of the manufacturers insist on dongle than 3G sim, which is a bit drab. Having a sim converts it into a phone as well occasionally. With its bigger screen size, tablet also works perfectly as a gaming device. And now, external Bluetooth keyboards have eased the issue of writing fluently on these tablets, which otherwise used to be a handicap.

Few more things one still aspires to have in a tablet are, battery life of much longer durations, perfected voice & writing recognition softwares and defused screen brightness as that of eReaders. ‘eInk’ based devices appear to be a great promise in this context but this technology lacks strides, is still costly and, color & movie have a long way to go, yet. 


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